Self-organization of world doctors and biomed researchers against war in Ukraine
While governments and international structures are powerless to stop the war, intellectuals working with life have a special mission. We involve influential patients to stop the war and work as a rearward for Ukrainian colleagues in disaster.

The war in Ukraine is not "just humanitarian crisis" or "local conflict". It is the Holocaust unfolding in real time. Day by day civilians and children are killed as their nationality has Western mindset and values of freedom.

Healthcare professionals were the first targets of Russian aggressor trying to cause awe and break down the resistance. Without the influence of the international medical/research community it is impossible to defend medical values under attack.

Only doctors and biomed researchers may understand the pain of destroyed hospitals, colleagues killed and patients suffering from wounds and lack of medications.

Scale of Attack on Healthcare Professionals and Children (open)
Russo-Ukrainian War Casualties
Shelled hospitals
Destroyed hospitals
Injured medical workers
Killed medical workers
Shooted ambulances
Stolen ambulances
Injured children
Killed children
Injured civilians
1151 + 5000 (Mariupol)
Killed civilians
>20 000
Civilians forcibly deported to Russia
Killed soldiers

We were supported
Hospitals / Universities / Companies
International biomedical leaders
Al Aly
M.D., Professor at UT Southwestern Medical Center,
Dallas, Texas, US
" Please stop the war against Ukranians."
Kotaro Yoshimura
M.D., Professor at Jichi Medical University,
Fahd Benslimane
M.D., CLINIQUE BENSLIMANE, Casablanca, Morocco
" I have no words to describe my own pain when I watch on TV what newborns, babies, mothers and Ukrainian population is going through.
All my support
. "
Inigo De Felipe
M.D., PhD, Clinica Dermatologica De Felipe,
London, United Kingdom
Barcelona, Madrid, Spain
Rashmi Shetty
Dr., Owner Ra Skin & Aesthetics,
" Stop this war. This has never done good to anyone. Pls end suffering. There is enough in this world already that hurts, we need not bring on more with our stupidity. Pls stop. "
Ahmet Akyol
M.D., Professor,
Acibadem Maslak Hospital,
Ewa Wender-Ozegowska
MD, PhD, Professor, Vice-rector on Doctoral School and Postgraduate Education of Poznan University of Medical Sciences,
Kresimir Luetić
MD, PhD, at University Hospital Sveti Duh,
Stefan Endres
MD, PhD, at LMU University
" Save energy, punish Putin "
Misha Kostrov
Director of Ukrainian film `Infernal Khorugv', awardee of Cannes` Silver Dolfin / Platimun Remi / Teletriumph,
Alexis Verpaele
MD, PhD, Director of Coupure Centrum voor Plastische Chirurgie,
Associate Professor, Head of Coloproctology Anaesthesiology Unit, Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Academy of Medicine,
Kaunas, Lithuania
Jurate Gudaityte
"Keep fighting, all good powers on Earth and heaven are helping you! With deepest love, support and respect to Ukraine, a nation of freedom-loving, truly European nation and your President, a man with the Lion's Heart."
Medical Director, FACES+ Plastic Surgery, Skin and Laser Clinical Professor, Plastic Surgery, University of California, San Diego Director Emeritus, Rady Children's Hospital Craniofacial Surgeon, Fresh Start Surgical Gifts
Steven Cohen
"Stop this War Now. Protect the Ukrainians people! Now!"
Former Chairman of Plastic Surgery, Clinical Professor at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada
Richard Warren
"Ukraine is not a pawn on a chessboard. It is a peaceful country of people who just want to be left alone."
President of the Order of Nurses, Albania
Blerina Duka
University Professor, Primary Director of The State Hospital Hochzirl,Tyrol, Austria
Monica Lechleitner
University Professor, MD., Vice-Chair of Department of Clinical Pharmacology, Medical University of Vienna,
Bernd Jilma
M.D., President at Latvian Medical Association,
Riga, Latvia
Ilze Aizsilniece
MD, PhD, Professor of the Medical School at University of Pecs, Hungary
Gabor Laszlo Kovacs
President of Pharmacists Order of Albania
Diana Toma
President of the Order of Physicians of Albania
Fatmir Brahimaj
MD, PhD, Professor, Head of Residency of University of Georgia
Elza Nikoleishvili
Professor, founding member and head of the Department of Family Medicine, Dean of Faculty of Medicine, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Igor Švab
Professor - Faculty of Medical Sciences. Chairman of Concilium Anesthesiologicum. Membership of several committees of the NVA, KNMG, Radboud University, The Netherlands
G.J. Scheffer
BSc (Hons), MBChB, FRCA, Consultant Anaesthetist at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, UK
David Nesvadba
Professor at School of Medicine, Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek, Croatia
Lada Zibar
Plastic surgeon in Avignon (Vaucluse), France
Christele Vasseur
MD., PhD., Assistant Professor, Medical university in Kosice, Slovakia
Stefan Trenkler
Plastic Surgeon, Member of SOFCPRE, SOFCEP, ISAPS, ASAPS and ICAPS, France
Catherine Bergeret
Diplomat of the American Board of Plastic Surgery, Clinical Assistant Professor at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and the University of Maryland School of Medicine,international speaker on advanced plastic surgery techniques, Florida, USA
Oscar Ramirez
"Stop the war!! Stop the misinformation!!"
Plastic surgeon, Member of the Canadian Society of Plastic Surgery, Vancouver Island, Canada
Alexander Anzarut
Handsurgery And Orthopaedic Consultant, Arcademy, Stockholm, Sweden
Linda Torby
Immediate past Honorary Membership Secretary of the Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain & Ireland Consultant Anaesthetist in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK
Nancy Redfern
"You are such brave people standing up against such evil."
MD, PhD, Professor, Clinical Department of Haematology and Haemostaseology, Medical University of Vienna
Ingrid Pabinger
President of the Spanish Society of Anesthesiology, Resuscitation and Pain Therapy (SEDAR); Head of the Anesthesiology, Critical Care and Pain Therapy Service at the Puerta de Hierro Hospital; Professor at the Faculty of Medicine of the Autonomous University,
Madrid, Spain
Javier Garcia
"This is horrible and a crime to humanity. Stop this war."
MD, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in Louisville, KY, USA
Gerald O'Daniel
StingMD Sanctions
How it works
Every minute is someone's life!
Russia and Belarus started a full-scale invasion to Ukraine. The attack made about 4 million people leave Ukraine, or defend their streets as a civil resistance movement.
The war can be stopped only by restricting access to the benefits of civilization.
In the 21st century, the world depends less on objects but more on processes and accesses.

The war cannot be stopped by the sanctions for restriction of the objects as basic things can be produced or gotten from the allies by the Russian economy. Also, war cannot be stopped by personal sanctions – their persons have enough resources protected by the iron curtain in Russia and its allies.

Only this can cause the reaction and change in behavior of the youth, intellectual elite, small and middle businesses.

Read the Appeal in full
On December 5th,1994 Ukraine made the biggest step in history towards preserving peace in the world: instead of growing the potential of the Nuclear Weapon State it voluntarily gave up nuclear weapons. We paid our fee for peace in the world and now we need the world to take a step towards the protection of peace in Ukraine.

To achieve this we are asking to support the StingMD list of sanctions aimed at stopping the processes in the Russian Federation and Belarus and restricting their access to the benefits of the civilized world.

Our aim is NOT to cause harm to the medical care of Russian patients. But we have the task ahead of us to end the REGIME of crimes against humanity. So all the ways to reduce their profits, economical development, access to technology should be applied NOW.

The sanctions will reduce casualties and bring civil society closer together against authoritarian governments. After the end of the war, the benefits of civilization in Russia and Belarus will cease to be equal to the loss of life. Our colleagues will no longer be faced with the choice of being a hostage of the regime or an emigrant.

Only by imposing real sanctions, we can limit the West's funding of Russia's scientific expenditures, some of which are redistributed to biological, chemical, and nuclear weapons.

Only in this way will we be able to deprive the governments of the Russian Federation and Belarus of the prestige of those who provide citizens with access to the benefits of civilization and doing business.

Only with these steps, we will be able to provoke consequences that will be felt not in years and decades but will stop the war now.

It will stop the war which may end up being a nuclear war!

Every minute is someone's life.

Ukrainian Medical Association

Vadym Aristov, MD/MBA - co-founder, President Emeritus

February 26, 2022
Financial and IT sanctions:
1. Disconnection from SWIFT banking network ALL banks in Russia and Belarus;

2. Ban from Google Play, AppStore, Microsoft Store;

3. Stopping banking services Google Pay and Apple Pay;

4. Ban from Netflix, Google Play Music, Deezer, Spotify;

5. Ban from Facebook, Youtube.
Biomedical sanctions:
1. Stop enrolling new patients in clinical trials of the new treatments (but supporting already enrolled patients till the end of protocols);

2. Embargo on exporting to Russia and Belarus Stop the deliveries of the biomaterials and genetic materials for biotech R&D and manufacturing;

3. Embargo on import of products of biotechnological companies and vaccines from the Russian Federation and Belarus.
Research sanctions:
1. Stop the financing of joint biomedical research with scientific centers, medical centers, and researchers in the Russian Federation and Belarus.

2. Stop admission of graduate students and postdoctoral researchers to fellowship programs financed by your country regardless of the territory they are performed on (but support the completion of the already existing programs by the participants who openly condemn the war in Ukraine and refuse to implement the developments in the Russian Federation and Belarus. We suggest using an example that was proposed by the Bank of Georgia (click here to read)).

3. Stop accepting the articles of the researchers from the Russian Federation and Belarus for publication in the scientific journals published by scientific communities of your country or the ones your citizens belong to the review committees of.

4. Exclusion of representatives of clinics and research facilities from the Russian Federation and Belarus from journals' review committees or scientific committees of conferences/congresses.

5. Stop accepting the reports and lectures of the Russian Federation and Belarus citizens at the conferences/congresses in your country and the speeches of the members of your country's scientific community at the events in Russia and Belarus.
Infrastructural sanctions (added on March 5th,2022, 11 p.m. Kyiv time):
1. To close the sky over Ukraine or to provide Ukraine with air defense systems. We are concerned about the recent events in Ukraine, namely the shelling of the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant. It's already not only a danger for Ukraine but a direct threat to the whole world.

2. To keep open banks in the European Union and to provide transfers during the weekends. Volunteer organizations in Ukraine save thousands of lives every day by arranging vital things. That's why goods suppliers need to receive transferred money on time during active hostilities. Delays in this question can lead to a humanitarian catastrophe.
Bank of Georgia example.
Condemnation of Russia's attack on Ukraine.
How it works
Sign this petition
Call / meet
your influential patients, stakeholders and politicians you may reach.
Spread it
on social media by tagging influential people.

Pic for social media
Distribute it
Put a printed poster in public place of clinic or university.

Colored/ Black&White
Red/orange zone hospitals have depleted reserves and can't restore them. Any day victims from battles and civil object bombings may rise to numbers the hospital is not supplied.

We strive to ensure a minimal 5-day readiness with IV solutions, bandages, antibiotics, and anesthetics. Our humanitarian aid program is based on minimal needs per 1 operating team per day.

5-day supply of frontline Ukrainian hospitals
Many Ukrainians have now lack access to medications and life-sustaining goods. This causes aggravation of chronic diseases and deaths of unmanaged cases in sieged regions.

Traditional healthcare system has limited capacity during full/partial siege. We strive to supply micro drug depots for local volunteer hubs, IDPs camps, and bomb shelters. We prioritized the needs of medications for diabetes, asthma, hypertension, wound bleeding, etc.
Survival kit for civilians cut from healthcare
©Evgeniy Maloletka/AP
Sudden bombings and shellings cause multiple bleeding victims among civilians and the military. The dominant part of them dies, while it is preventable if there were needed supplies.

We strive to provide necessary supplies to main actors approaching wounded victims in the pre-hospital phase. Their early access to tourniquets, hemostatics, and bandages equals lives.
Supplies for saving lives on pre-hospital phase
© Evgeniy Maloletka/AP
We analyze evidence of war crimes against healthcare for prosecution in ICC and similar initiatives.

As doctors, we have feelings for our colleagues under attack. To prevent injustice we shed the light on bombing of hospitals, shelling the healthcare professionals, using ambulance cars for false flag operations, etc.
War Crimes Investigation
Shelled hospitals
Destroyed hospitals
Russo-Ukrainian War Casualties
Injured medical workers
Killed medical workers
Shooted ambulances
Stolen ambulances
Injured children
Killed children
Injured civilians
Killed civilians
Civilians forcibly deported to Russia
Killed soldiers
1151 + 5000 (Mariupol)
>20 000
Healthcare system in Ukraine is now overwhelmed. Many hospitals were destroyed. Many doctors were killed. Some regions became a medical deserts with one and only healthcare facility with 3-5 surgeons left.

We need doctors in fortified cities with war zone nearby. We need doctors to help in frontline hospitals. We need doctors to treat IDPs in Western regions. And we need rearward clinics for reconstructive surgery and treating oncology patients.
MedVolunteers and Rearward Clinics
Sharing is caring
Any size of your contributions will go to relieve the sufferings of refugees, sieged civilians, and wounded victims in Ukraine. We build a systemic response to war disruption in Ukrainian healthcare.

Your donations will be spent on Lifevest5 / Sieged Chronic / Preventable Losses humanitarian programs, analytics of healthcare needs, and warcrimes investigation.

Join our mission as a volunteering doctor or help us with your donation!
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